KARBON is the phonetical representation of the word carbon abbreviated as C6 in the periodic table of elements. Boas Kristjanson icelandic designer launched the KARBON collection for the fall/winter season of 2013-14. The son of a pastor, Kristjanson has contended with spiritual concepts from an early age and later incorporated them into his work. The rich heritage of spiritual practices is often referenced in the cut of a garment, detailing and mood of the collections. “Every carbon atom in every living thing on the planet was produced in the heart of a dying star.”

 — Brian Cox Life on earth is carbon based. The colour of carbon is black. Emissions of carbon into the atmosphere are controversial. These characteristics of carbon form a foundation on which an aesthetic, a code of conduct and a manifesto is based. In the modern world where indentity is fragile, morals and ideologies can shape and empower in ways that material things cannot. The concept marries the object. The matter and the spirit. The idea and the product. These motifs are present in the design and pattern making of each KARBON by BOAS KRISTJANSON garment.

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