The impossible to pronounce CHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI (Rus. Черевички от Bички ) stands for “a shoe by Victoria” in the old Slavic language, but said in a playful childish manner. The Cherevichkiotvichki story begins in Lithuania where Victoria grew up surrounded by the remains of Soviet culture and the uprising of Baltic heritage. Born into a family of factory workers she grew up to be fascinated by the extinct utilitarian lifestyle and nurtured memories of her childhood past transforming them into series of everyday objects – shoes. The self-taught shoemaker performs copious amounts of research empathizing traditional craftsman-ship between her London studio and the atelier in Italy. This works hand in hand with Victoria’s own inventive techniques. Focal one being material research and leather dying – her storytelling always evolves through the medium of colors and textures working with opulence of natural palette of shades of maroon, bronze, Klein-like blues, and always whites. Cherevichkiotvichki is a ceremonial invitation into maker’s world: to take a peek at her youth, visit play-grounds and places in search of secrets hidden, but not forgotten.

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Model No. -   43SS17
Collection -   SPRING SUMMER 2017
Material -   100% HEAVY LINEN




Inquire 1099-145-1050-G


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