The Swiss fashion label Ottolinger, a collaboration between Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient. Ottolinger's first collection is stitched together from the raw material of recent culture––following a vigorous process of identifying references, doing away with their meaning, and reconstructing them into handcraft-intensive garments.

The Ottolinger line offers an intricate vision for how clothing identifies. It aspires to an extreme form of beauty that thrives at the often contradictory border between individuality and community. Displaying their scars openly on the outside, several pieces merge displaced forms, finding a fetish in both the visible rupture of and the salvage of youth culture. Even intact forms are combined with a leveling instinct that ignores their accepted meanings, evading understanding, rendering meaning contingent on context, use, and persona.

Ottolinger's clothing is as flexible as its focus in that it brings together different scenes of people active in culture. This philosophy underpins the label's method of production and extends to everyone who wears its garments. Ottolinger's lookbook features several women who are important forces in the Swiss music scene. These contemporary icons of beauty shape the way that people come together.

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SS19TO04 / 200

Model No. -   SS19TO04
Collection -   SPRING SUMMER 2019
Material -   100% COTTON


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