All of Claustrum’s items feature brand new functions that can be found nowhere else, including one-hand operation and smart motion. In addition to the physical realm, we also explore functions in terms of aesthetics, intellect, society, economy, and other fields. 

The results are put through a repeated cycle of trial manufacture, experiments, and trial use at the Ginza Factory until they can be realized in the simplest fashion possible.

As we accumulate experience in this way, we produce new mechanisms, construction methods, and surface processing methods that are truly unique.

The parts included in our products are cooperatively manufactured with skillful factories on the outskirts of Tokyo. Together  with artisans at dozens of dedicated factories such as metalwokring, we cultivate our abilities while freely utilizing advanced technologies in each field. All assembly and finishing work takes place at the Ginza Factory. In the final process, minute adjustments are made to all products b hand to ensure they can be used as comfortably as possible. Videos showing how each item is operated are available on our website.

After World Wall II, the location of the Ginza Factory was a plate glass processing workshop operated by the representative of Steel Inc. at that time ( two generations before the current representative ). 

This manual industry has been passed down over the generations in Ginza in this way.

We also offer maintenance services so that our products can be used for as long as possible. 

TAKESHI ENDO / Designer, Founder / STEEL INC.

Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Chiba University in 1994 

Studied abroad at the AA School in London as an overseas training artist of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1997 

Established STEEL INC. in 2004


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