Geoffrey B. Small

Since 1979, Geoffrey B. Small has continuously worked to raise the art and science of making clothes by hand. 

He founded the Area Paris show to serve the needs of independent designers in 2003, helping to introduce more than 57 independent designers from around the world with over 170 individual collection presentations in Paris at the highest level. 

He has pioneered many global design trends including recycle fashion, designer streetwear, the napoleonic and medieval style movements, and his radical new designs for climate change. He believes that great clothes and the people and techniques behind them should be valued far more highly, and that short-term global corporate interests have become far too dominant in fashion. 

On the contrary, he insists that "fashion is an art, and must be used to raise design quality--not lower it, speak the truth about the world--not lie about it, and do its best to make life better for everyone--not just an elite few."

( 奉購物滿2500元人民幣,我們會免費提供三天速運服務 )

( 奉購物滿2500元人民幣,我們會免費提供三天速運服務 )