Avant Toi

Avant Toi was founded in 1994 within the Liapull group to satisfy the needs of a demanding and ever-changing market. The creative endeavor of Mirko Ghignone now celebrates 20 years of passion and success. ​ 

Characterized by a strong relationship between the art world and aesthetic research, Mirko, eclectic artist and paramour of the force of color, established the brand through the application of his creative instinct to the medium of yarns and knits. A pioneer in cashmere evolution, he excels in technical experimentation and above all in the absolute innovation of coloring, revolutionizing the world of piece dying. Central to this process is the introduction of air-brush coloring that empowers each piece with authenticity and a unique, unrepeatable character. Through infinite combinations of shades and hues, each creation recounts its own particular story.

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420D8147CLA / 260

產品編號 -   420D8147CLA
系列 -   AUTUMN WINTER 2020
物料 -   70%MERINO WOOL / 30% CASHMERE


Discount  50% OFF

USD 955 USD 478


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